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       Taiji, Bagua, Baji, Piqua  DVDs
Each DVD contains a comprehensive training 
program including basics, form, breathing and chi exercises, and examples of usage. Check Web site for pricing and availability.

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Chen Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) - Original Taiji style 
for health and combat

Vol I, Taiji Quan Linking Form (TJ01A - 45 min): 
History and principles, 8 stances, Linking Form, Qi (Chi) 
Gathering,Kung breath exercise, Expansion with stance, 
Posture training, Two person practice: Finding the Elbow, 
Fighting usage applications.    .. 

Vol II, Taiji Quan Old Form (TJ02A - 48 min): Taiji branches, Philosophy as it relates to movement, Old Form, Silk Reeling Energy practice, Qi Shifting Kung breath exercise, Expansion with Shifting, Posture training, Two person practice: Foot Guiding, more Fighting Usage applications.    

Vol III, Taiji Quan Cannon Fist Form (TJ03A - 486min): 
Lineage, Taiji Philosophy as it relates to usage, 8 Powers Practice, Qi Migrating Kung breath exercise, Expansion with movement, Posture Training. Cannon Fist Form, Two person practice: Torso Joining, more Fighting Usage applications.     

Bagua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang) - High level sophisticated combat art and traditional health exercise 

Vol I, Internal Palms (BG01A - 59 min): 
History, Bagua - the philosophy and the martial art, Stationary, Square, and Circle Step Training, Founding Elemental Palm Practice, Stationary Qi Gathering Kung breath exercise, Internal Palms Form, Single Post Wrapping Practice, Fighting Usage Applications.    . 

Vol II, 8 Changing Palms (BG02A - 60 min): 
Philosophy and Bagua Zhang Practice, Inward and Outward Basic Step Training, Door Opening Palm techniques, Walking Qi Exchanging Kung breath exercise, 8 Changing Palms Form, Multiple Post Switching practice, more Fighting Usage Applications.     

Vol III, Linking Forest Penetrating Palms (BG03A - 53 min): 
Lineage, Bagua philosophy and usage, Close Ranged Root Shaking Leg usage training, Grand Eight Target Striking Palm Practice, Walking Qi Controling Kung breath exercise, Linking Forest Penetrating Palms Form, Post and Space Exchanging Practice, more Fighting Usage Applications.    ..


Baji Quan's (Pa Chi Chuan) Relentless Fists - Style preferred by the bodyguards of China's 20th Century Rulers

Vol I, Baji Jia (BJ01A - 51 min): 
Bear Step - Grand Eight Movements - Baji Jia Form - Qi Compiling Dan Tian Neigong - Post Conditioning - Power-Issue Practice - Fighting Usage Applications.    

Vol II, Baji Fist (BJ02A - 54 min): 
Tiger Arm - Eight Grand Stampings - Baji Fist Form - Special Baji Percussive Neigong - Crossing Post Training - Advanced Power-Issue Practice - High-Middle-Low & Multiple-Power Delivery Usage.   

Pigua Zhang's (P'i Kua) Whipping Palms - Rare style with whipping palm strikes for combat and conditioning 

Vol I, Pigua Jia (PG01A - 49 min): 
Stationary, Moving & Turning Basics - Pigua Jia Form - Pigua Special Awakening Neigong - Hanging Bag Strikes - Strike Conditioning.

Vol II, Pigua Palm (PG02A - 59 min): 
Comprehensive Grand Eight Palms - Advanced Stationary, Moving & Turning Basics - Pigua Eight Form - Eight Standing Postures Neigong - Horizontal Bag Strikes - Torso Strike Conditioning - Pigua Footwork-Torso-Door Opening Technique Usage.     


Authentic Kung Fu Usage - 7 Northern Kung Fu Styles 
(US01B - 40 min) 
Hidden combat usage decoded from famous forms 
Selections from famous forms. Usage of specific movements, step-by-step demonstration, clear analysis, detail and slow motion repeats of: Kung fu blocks and attacks + Body strikes + whole arm techniques + invasive footwork + arm and body Chan si jing + continuous attacks + multipurpose applications.    
Shaolin Longfist Style   
Mizong Quan (Lost Track Style)   
7-Star Praying Mantis   
6-Harmony Praying Mantis   
Baji Quan   
Pigua Zhang   
Xing-I Quan (Hsing-Yi Ch'uan)  

Thunder Style Chen Tai Chi Quan (Hu Lei Jia) 
Rare branch in the Tai Chi family, unique training system, with emphasis on issuing on power

Rebirth of the Hu Lei Jia (HL01B - 43 min) 
Introduction and history of this unusual style, Wave Step, Silk Reeling arms, whole body power issuing, 10 levels of training, Linking Form, Hu Lei Jia fighting usage applications. Valuable documentary footage of Wang Ge Dang village (birthplace of the Hu Lei Jia), contemporary Wang Ge Dang masters performing their art.   


1000 Miles without a Rest 
(Chinese only)
Master Hsu's journey through China in search of the real kung fu.
The Sword Polisher's Record
A collection of essays on the principles and fundamentals of kung fu.
Essays on Chinese Martial Arts Volume 1 
(Chinese only)
The first volume of Master Hsu's writings on a variety of kung fu topics.
Essays on Chinese Martial Arts Volume 2 
(Chinese only)
The first volume of Master Hsu's writings on a variety of kung fu topics.

Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky
A new collection of essays and article by Master Adam Hsu on the principles and fundamentals of kung fu.
Sifu Hsu's new training DVDs - Tan Tui, San Cai Jian (sword), Xing-Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang, Bajiquan - are the first of a new series produced in Taiwan. They are also his first DVDs released on this subject.
The production value is excellent. More importantly, they were thoughtfully constructed in a way that makes it possible for viewers to really learn and practice the styles. In Mandarin Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles.

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