Adam Hsu Kung Fu School
San Francisco/North Bay Branch
Traditional Northern Style Kung Fu

Instructor Liu Chang Chiang is a senior student of Master Adam Hsu. Chang was born in Taiwan and came to US in 1978. He has studied traditional Chinese martial arts from Master Hsu for more than 25 years. 

Besides his own learning and practicing, Mr. Liu also devoted many years in teaching of Chinese martial arts for various practitioners and organizations. He was the lead instructor of tai ji and other styles for the Chinese
Association in San Luis Obispo, California, when he was studied in Cal Poly University and during his employment at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. Mr. Liu also teaches kung fu in a number of Chinese schools in San Francisco Bay Area. 

Mr. Liu accompanied Master Hsu in 1990 and 1991 on trips to China, focusing visits to the birth places and of ba ji, chang quan, tang lang quan, Chen tai ji quan, and other martial arts systems.The
trips to the birthplace of kung fu provided a very rewarding experience, and allowed him to gain an understanding of the evolution of the ancient martial arts, as well as their  historical context and the impact of modern culture on them. This made him realize that these arts are true treasures that must be
preserved for their value and passed  down to the future generations.

Instructor Dan Farber is a senior student of Master Adam Hsu. He has studied traditional Chinese martial arts for more than 50 years.

Since 1979, he has trained with Master Hsu, studying chang quan, ba gua zhang, ba ji quan, pi qua zhang, Chen tai ji quan, and traditional weapons--sword, saber, staff, and spear. 

From 1983 through 1992 he assisted Master Hsu in teaching classes. From 1992 through 1997, Mr. Farber taught chang quan, ba gua zhang, ba ji quan and tai ji quan classes in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He made frequent visits to the San Francisco Bay Area during that time to continue his training with Master Hsu. Returning to the San Francisco in 1997, Mr. Farber has continued his  training with Master Hsu, both in the Bay Area and in Taiwan.

Mr. Farber has published articles in martial arts journals such as Black Belt Magazine and Inside Kung Fu. He has also assisted Sifu Hsu in the writing and publication of articles and books. He has performed at numerous demonstrations and has served as a judge at kung fu competitions.