Adam Hsu Kung Fu School
San Francisco/North Bay Branch
Traditional Northern Style Kung Fu

Welcome to the North Bay branch of Master Adam Hsu's Kung Fu School. We teach tradition Northern styles, including ba ji chuan, pi gua zhang, ba gua zhang, chang quan, tai ji quan, xing-i quan, mi tsung quan, tang lang quan, and various weapons. 

Our school promotes the traditional martial arts of China. Currently, kung fu is a technical and cultural "endangered species." Without open instruction by qualified teachers, the real art will vanish. Master Hsu and his school are committed to the preservation of this art in its purest form.

We assist students in finding the style best suited to their character, physique, and ability. An individual's goals and training needs are evaluated and the instruction personalized to help the student attain full potential. Fundamental skills are stressed so that all students have the opportunity to progress into intermediate and advanced levels.

Most instruction is small group or individual, and tailored to the student's needs and interests.Classes are taught by Sifu Hsu's senior students, Dan Farber and Liu Chang Chiang. Both have studied with Sifu Hsu for more than 40 years.
Chief instructors Dan Farber and Liu Chang Chiang have studied more than 30 years each with Sifu Adam Hsu.  (November 2013, Taipei, Taiwan)
CHANG QUAN:  Islamic style
BA JI QUAN: Original style
PI GUA ZHANG: Original style
BA GUA ZHANG: Yin style
TAI JI QUAN: Chen style
MI ZHONG QUAN: Original style
TANG LANG QUAN: Seven Star, Six Harmony, Eight Step styles
XING YI QUAN: Hebei style
WEAPONS: Spear, Sword, Staff, Sabre
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Sifu Hsu's training DVDs provide step-by-step instruction, including basics,  forms, breathing and chi exercises, and usage.

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